Term of Reference (TOR) appointing the members of the Regional Organizing Committee for the May 2021 E-Conference in Ghana.

Dear Members,

Subject; Terms of Reference (TOR).

The purpose of this TOR is to appoint and specify the functions of the Regional Organizing Committee with regards to our upcoming conference in May 2021, which has as theme; “International Framework as tools to alternatives to foster collaboration in aquaculture development in West Africa”.

Dear members, a successful organisation of our conference in May requires succinct planning and organisation. It requires cooperating and working with different committees and a lot more. Your appointment to this august committee is based on your distinguished ability to lead and your high level of maturity which you have demonstrated in our organization and in the African continent and beyond. Therefore, I am confident that, you all are competent to meet the colossal task before you and in a timely fashion. In this light, the responsibilities of the Regional Organising Committee include the followingare;

I. Mainly to coordinate and supervise the activities of the different committees in light of the May Conference.
II. Particularly ensure that, date lines are meet and all logistics are put in place regarding the May Conference.
III. Create partnerships if possible with the relevant state, regional and global actors to facilitate the accomplishment of your engagements mentioned hereto.
IV. Perform any other dutiefunctions(s) that might be proposed by the Regional Director.

With that in mind, the members of the Science Committee shall include;

  1. Dr. Festus Adeosun (Nigeria) Chairman.
  2. Deacones Foluke Areola (Nigeria) Member.
  3. Mr. Jacob Adizah (Ghana) Member.
  4. Dr. Oliver Toudji (Burkina Faso) Member.
  5. Mr. Dohato B. Agbohonzo (Benin Republic) Member.
  6. Mr. Menyoli Emmanuel (Cameroon) Secretary.
  7. Pietro Giula Alsaia Ass. Sec.
  8. Dr. Moukimou Elh Aboubakary (Niger) Member.
  9. Olayinka Quadri (Nigeria) PRO.
  10. Mr. William Lenshen Adviser.
  11. Mrs. Fumilola Shelika (Nigeria) Member.
  12. Dr. Gandega (Mauritania) Adviser.
  13. Constance Enyindah (Nigeria) Reg. Student Cod.
  14. Lanre Badmus (Nigeria) Member.

I pray God to guide you as you begin to assume this enormous assignment before you.


Dr. Lanre Badmus.
Regional Director/WAS/AC/WAR.

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