Hall of Fame; Professor Solomon Olukayode FAGADE.

Prof. is a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc.) (Second Class Upper) from the Federal Government. He commenced his postgraduate research in January 1966 at the Department of Biological Sciences, in the University of Lagos for a doctorate degree. He successfully defended his PhD thesis in December 1969 and became the first PhD holder from the University of Lagos. His research into the biology of the fishes in the Lagos Lagoon was the foundation for establishing the species composition, trophic interrelationship, and reproduction of the population of fishes in any body of water in Nigeria.
Teaching Career.
He commenced teaching in the University of Lagos in October 1968 as an Assistant Lecturer. He, later on, moved to the University of Ibadan, Jos as Senior Lecturer in 1974 and was promoted Professor in October 1983. Prof. is always delighted to be in the midst of students and had had tremendous applause and appreciation from all generations of students to date. Through his teaching, he has built interest and confidence in students to help them improve on their academic output.
Research contributions.
He established the trophic interrelationship for the fish populations in the Lagos Lagoon and River Benue, dietary habits of several fish species, and the composition of the chemical composition of these diets which has led to the formulation of artificial feeds for cultured fish species.
He has been the outstanding authority on the age and growth of tropical fishes by the use of different methods including hard parts (otoliths, scales, opercular bones) and length-frequency distribution. The information obtained is vital for the rational, responsible and sustainable exploitation of our fisheries resources. He established the breeding habits of different species of fishes including demonstration of the roles of environmental clues in initiating spawning.

Environmental integrity has been shown to influence the abundance and distribution of many benthic species in the Lagos Lagoon and many other water bodies through the identification of opportunistic species, pollution indicators and azoic habitats. Prof. has conducted an assessment of the pollution status (air, land and water) in numerous communities in virtually all the States of the Niger Delta through baseline studies, impact assessment, remediation and environmental monitoring. Prof also did the toxicity testing of crude oil, dispersants and related materials (singly and in combination) that are commonly introduced into the environment and thereby demonstrating their potentially harmful effects as reflected in their additiveness, synergism, and antagonism.
Postgraduate Supervision.

Prof. has outstanding success in the supervision of postgraduate students which included 40 masters and 23 PhDs. This is among the highest number of doctorate theses supervised by any Nigerian in the sciences.

Administrative positions.
Prof. served as Sub Dean, Faculty of Science, Univ of Ibadan, Jos Campus; Sub Dean Postgraduate, University of Ibadan, Ibadan; Head, Dept of Zoology, Univ of Ibadan, Ibadan
Has enjoyed local and international recognition as a Research Assistant at the British Museum Natural History in London and also as UNESCO Fellow in Marine Biology to Denmark. Through serving as Consultant to FAO, World Bank, Multinational oil companies, Federal and State governments in Nigeria. He was elected member of University of Ibadan Governing Council from 1992-1996. He was also decorated as a Knight of the Anglican Diocese of Sabongida Ora. He was President of Men’s League, Chapel of Resurrection, Univ of Ibadan, Ibadan for more than twelve years.

May the God Good continue to bless and keep you Sir.

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