Call for Sponsorships for the May 2021 E-Conference in Ghana.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the West Africa Region of the World Aquaculture Society, African Chapter, we cordially invite industries, businesses, government agencies, restaurants and all aquaculture related institutions to sponsor our upcoming conference. The theme of our conference is ” New Strategies to Promote Inclusion and Transparency in the Development of Aquaculture in the West Africa Region“. The reason for choosing a theme on governance is based on the fact that the main problem faced by the aquaculture industry in West Africa is that of governance. West African countries have weak institutions which have paved the way for corruption, lack of inclusion and more. Businesses cannot prosper under these conditions. To fix this problem, we need to make aquaculture development in the region part of public debate. When people start talking about these issues, it will help to foster inclusiveness, accountability and transparency in the way in which aquaculture resources are managed and the way in which policies are developed. Be that as it may, we cannot do this alone. We count on your support to bring together the right stakeholder in building strong institutions such that, businesses can flourish without much social, economic and environmental barriers.

Sponsoring our activity will demonstrate your support for inclusion and transparency in the seafood industry. In return, we shall also advertise your product on all our platforms and partner platforms worldwide.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also because of our respect for the planet, the event will be a hybrid online event with limited attendees, creating a unique channel to reach a global audience worldwide.

You are invited to be part of this epoch-making event and actively contribute to the success of the Ghana 2021 E-aquaculture conference. Your support is very important and prime for the conference.

We are delighted to share below, our sponsorship categories. Alternatively, we would be interested to talk with you about how we can incorporate a personalized package if necessary. All sponsorship levels are in the euro currency.

Sponsorships categories and benefits.

1) Bronze Category; The sponsor would be recognized as a “bronze sponsor” on the conference website, during the organizer presentation.
2) Silver Category; The sponsor would be recognized as a “silver sponsor” on the conference website, during organizer presentations, in addition, sponsor profile in the conference proceedings 1 page, opportunity to name an event (keynote, panel, social).
3) Gold Sponsorship; The sponsor would be recognized as a “gold sponsor” on the conference website, during organizer presentations, the possibility to submit a 2-minute video to be played before each keynote session and shared on the conference social media platforms. Officially branded link to hosted satellite event. Opportunity to name an event (keynote, panel, social).

For all sponsorship categories, there will be the projection of the logo of the company in virtual rooms before technical sessions begin. The sponsors’ logos will be prominently displayed at all conference events, on the conference website, as well as in any conference materials and promotional platforms.

How to sponsor:

1)Select a sponsorship category.

2) Send a letter to the conference organizers, using the address below, informing them about the category you have chosen.

3) An invoice including the cost of the item, Bank address, duration of the payment date, more sponsorship benefits and more will be sent to you.

Payment conditions.
All payments are to be done in DOLLARS through a bank transfer as soon as a sponsorship deal is reached with the conference organizers.

Sponsorship costs.
OTHERS – 500

We welcome other types of support and are open to negotiation on specific terms. Also, we will not accept support from money gained through illegal means

For more information please contact; info@wasacwar.com

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