2020 Anual award of excellence ceremony; List of laureates and their contributions to the World Aquaculture Society, West African Chapter.


  1. Mr Olayinka Abdulquadri (Nigeria), was honoured for OUTSTANDING PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICES IN THE REGION. Mr Abdulquadri has strong interpersonal and communication skills. As the public relations officer of the West Africa Region of the World Aquaculture Society African Chapter, Mr Abdulquadri has helped the organisation build positive relationships with all stakeholders in the aquaculture community and has created a strong brand image for us in the region and beyond.
  2. Mr Tosan Etiwe (Nigeria), received the award of OUTSTANDING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES IN THE REGION. Mr Tosan has helped WAR WAS AC harnessed technology and improved the region’s operations and services. He developed and managed the regions IT initiative that has resulted in quantifiable improvements. He is the brain behind the webinar flyer design, website creation and functionality.
  3. Deaconess Foluke AREOLA (Nigeria), was granted the award of OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL IN THE REGION. Deaconess Foluke is a woman of virtue. She is energetic, proactive, pragmatic and is a systematic professional. She was the first fisheries consultant to accept an invitation to feature in the region’s first webinar session.  She discharges her responsibilities to our organization in a just and objective fashion. Her professional image has given the region a global recognition.  She has featured the most in the region’s webinar conferences as a moderator. Her professional qualities are stimulating and enriching.
  4. Mr Menyoli Emmanuel Molua (Cameroon). Mr Emmanuel received the award of excellence for OUTSTANDING PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Mr Emmanuel is a meticulous professional and he is keen on details. Whenever he is given a task, he completes them on time and with finesse. Mr Emmanuel is not only satisfied with the timely execution of a project, he is also concern with the quality of the result. Mr Emmanuel employs a result-based approach to project management. He was, the Secretary of the Scientific Committee which drafted the proposal and guidelines for the first Aquaculture Conference for stakeholders and professionals in West Africa scheduled to take place between the 12-17th of June 2021 in Ghana.
  5. Dr Festus ADEOSUN, Deaconess Foluke AREOLA, Prof. Adel SHAHEEN, Prof. Amira ELHANAFY, Prof. Stella WILLIAMS
    ( Nigeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Egypt, Nigeria respectively), were honoured with the award of EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP. The above awardees have demonstrated distinguish leadership skills through their contributions to our organization. In the course of their assignments in the region, they displayed the following leadership trait worthy to mention:

    They demonstrated exemplary management skills shown by their ability to motivate others. This has resulted in significant development and progress in our activities.

    They have good foresight and displayed outstanding leadership in times of crisis and uncertainty.

    They are innovative and very helpful in proposing new ideas for change. This has enabled us to be pioneers in research and in several other areas of activity.

    They inspire the young professionals in the seafood industry and instil in them a culture of excellence, pride and dignity. This has helped in finetuning our work ethics which we are very proud of as a group of fish models.

  6. Mr Tosan ETIWE (Nigeria), received the award of excellence OUSTANDING SERVICES. The Award of Excellence for outstanding Services recognizes the special and exemplary services provided by Mr Etiwe to the World Aquaculture Society/West African Section. Over a significant period of time, Mr Etiwe has helped designed flyers and other communication materials on a voluntary basis. He services have helped the organization to reach out to serval people all over the globe in an efficient and cost-effective way.

  7. Dr Julious Olapade, Dr Festus Adeosun (Nigerians), both received the award of excellence in FACILITATION AND COLLABORATION IN ACHIEVING RESULT. This award recognises the role the beneficiaries played in helping our section meet its operational objectives. They are both pro-active at all times in spite of the challenges we face.  They take a future-oriented approach in dealing with short and long term challenges. Their futuristic and inclusive approach to problem-solving helped in breaking down barriers and in creating new relationships with relevant organizations to improve on aquaculture development in the region.

  8. Prof. Stella Williams, Prof. Amira Elhanafy, Prof. Adel Shaheen, Deaconess Foluke Areola ( Nigeria, Egypt, Egypt, Nigeria respectively). All received the award of excellence for
    OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION. This award recognises the contributions of all four awardees to the continent of Africa with regards to aquaculture development. 

    Their contributions go above and beyond. They are dependable at all times and in all situations. Our organization can fully count on them.

    They take the initiative to proffer solutions to the needs of the region and improves the image of the region regionally and globally. They are all result-oriented.

    All four awardees have helped the West African region and the aquaculture and seafood community by sharing their knowledge and know-how to harness the capacity of the young professionals, fish farmers, government officials, and private organizations in the industry.

  9. Abdullahi idi, Garba Temitope, Saheed Odetola, Enyindah Constance Agenuchionu, Benjamin Bockarie, Zahara F. Conteh ( Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone), Were honoured to receive the award of excellence for AQUACULTURE STUDENTS OF THE YEAR IN WEST AFRICA. The laureates under this category have best demonstrated an overall commitment in building a future in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. This commitment was demonstrated through their efforts and contributions to the region’s webinar activities and programs designed to enhance student education and understanding of the fundamental issues in aquaculture development.

  10. DR. Olakekan Oguntade, DR. Charity Oche, DR. Shadrack Amponadah, MR. Jacob Adzikah, MR. Evans Danso, MR. John Damozoro (Nigeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ghana, Ghana, Ghana), received the award of excellence for DISTINGUISHED MEMBERSHIP TO THE WORLD AQUACULTURE SOCIETY, WEST AFRICAN SECTION

    The Distinguished Membership Award was presented to the above professionals who have provided sustained and outstanding services in the region, and in our chapter. These distinguished members are highly valuable to the region and in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. They have unique qualifications and experiences. They are highly informed professionals and are very resourceful. They have dedicated their time and energy in helping our section meet is long and short term goals in various ways.

  11. Prof. Oludayo Fasina (Nigeria), was awarded the award of excellence for KNOWLEDGE IN SCIENCE AND LEADERSHIP. This award was in recognition of the role played by Prof. Fasina in the West African region.

    Prof. Fasina was instrumental in helping us to build a platform for sharing our knowledge and experiences with the other member countries.

    Prof. Fasina was the pioneer to advocate for the creation of our monthly webinar program which today is a resounding success.

    In fact, the idea to use the ZOOM application as a means of holding conferences and lectures online was proposed by Prof. Fasina. This idea has placed our organization on the edge of others on the continent.

  12. DR. Elhdj Abdoukadry, (Niger) was honoured with the award of excellence as GRAND PATRON (NIGER) for the region. The Chapter recognised the effort of Dr Elhdj Abdoukadry. Dr Aboubakry is the President of the Nigerian Association of Experts, an organization which mandate was approved by the courts and the tribunals in Niger and covers technological risks and insurances management. Dr Aboubakry is an expert member of the Order of International Experts in Geneva Switzerland. Dr Aboubakry is also the Vice-president of the multidisciplinary African Union of experts in charge of the promotion of expert in the West African Region. Dr Aboubakry is a man of substance and integrity. Our organisation stands to benefit from his wide experience and exposure.

    The Regional Director of the World Aquaculture Society, Dr Lanre Badmus congratulates all laureates. 

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